Sister Of Slain ‘Survivor’ Producer’s Wife Requests To Buy Her Restaurant For $1.00

By Jen Heger
Radar Legal Editor

Carla Burgos, the sister of Monica Beresford Redmond, who was allegedly murdered by her Survivor producer husband, Bruce Beresford Redman, has requested a Los Angeles judge to allow her to purchase Monica’s Brazilian restaurant for $1.00 – claiming the business is in “dire financial shape.”

Carla, and her other sister, Jeane Burgos, have been handling the operation and management of Zabumba, a Brazilian eatery in Los Angeles, since Monica was murdered in Cancun in April, 2010.

EXCLUSIVE DOCUMENTS: Monica Beresford Redman’s Sister Requests To Buy Her Restaurant For $1.00

The Burgos sisters are now asking a Los Angeles judge to sign off on the restaurant being sold to Carla for $1.00, because, they claim, it has no value and hasn’t been profitable.

Court docs state: “Despite the petitioners tireless efforts, Zabumba is not profitable and continues to lose money. Petitioners allege that the restaurant has zero value….On 4/22/11, Carla, in her individual capacity, submitted a formal offer for purchase for 1.00, including all rights, licenses, and assets to assume all of its debts and liabilities.”

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Judge Patricia Doyle is expected to make a decision about the proposed sale at a hearing on June 13, 2011.

Meanwhile, Bruce Beresford Redman is currently in jail in at the Twin Towers jail facility in Los Angeles, and extradition proceedings for his return to Cancun are expected to begin in July.



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