Kim Kardashian Commissions ‘Decoy’ Engagement Ring

By Radar Staff

Kim Kardashian was overcome with joy when she was presented with her amazing $2 million engagement ring, but she was overcome with another emotion too — absolute fear!

The reality TV star loves her stunning 20.5 carat sparkler from her NBA player fiance Kris Humphries, so much so that she never wants to take it off, but at the same time she worries about something happening to her most precious possession.

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So, ever resourceful, Kim has come up with the perfect solution.

The beautiful 30-year-old has commissioned a top jeweler to make her a ‘decoy’ ring — an exact replica but with a cubic zirconia instead of a diamond!

“Kim is having a replica of her ring made,” a source close to the situation tells “It’s going to be perfect and really difficult to detect that it’s a fake to the untrained eye.

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“But, it will be a huge weight off of Kim’s mind. Walking around wearing a ring that’s worth around half the value of her house worries her sick, but at the same time she wants to wear the ring all the time.

“Kim is totally in love with it, as she is Kris, and she wants to show it off. This, she believes, is the perfect solution.

“She will wear the real thing when she goes to special events or when she feels comfortable, but when she’s just tooling around she can wear her ‘decoy.’

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“Mind you, the decoy is still going to be pretty valuable! Kim has chosen a great jeweler who specializes in costume jewelry and he’s going to make a fantastic replica.

“This isn’t going to be some tacky cheap looking bauble like you would win at an arcade, it’s going to be absolutely classy and top notch — just like Kim!”

The couple has yet to announce a wedding date.



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