Casey Anthony Will Not Testify — The Defense Rests!

By Alexis TereszcukRadar Senior Reporter

In a shocking twist Thursday, Casey Anthony told the judge in her murder case that she will not testify and her lawyer Jose Baez told the court that the defense rests.

Judge Belvin Perry addressed the 25-year-old, asking her “is it your decision not to testify?” Casey replied “yes, Your Honor.”

After a two hour lunch recess where Casey spoke intently with her attorneys she stood and spoke directly to the judge and said she understood the she was not going to testify and that it was her own decision to do so. The judge asked her to state that she was not forced or pressured to arrive at that decision and Casey said yes, and agreed that she made the decision freely and voluntarily.

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Baez then told the judge “the defense rests,” and that they will not be presenting any more witnesses.

In opening statements Baez claimed that Caylee was not murdered but accidentally drowned in the family pool and Casey’s father, George Anthony helped to cover-up her death, however, none of the witnesses, including George himself, testified to that fact.

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The prosecution began presenting their rebuttal on Thursday.  Casey is being tried for the first-degree murder of her daughter Caylee, who disappeared in June 2008 and whose remains were found in December of that year.  The prosecution claims that Casey murdered her daughter and lied about it for months.

Casey Anthony may face the death penalty if she is convicted.


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