PHOTOS: Move Over Arnold, Other Celebs Involved In Baby Scandals!

by Radar Staff

Arnold Schwarzenegger may be the latest celebrity involved in a baby scandal, but he’s certainly not the first.

The Governator joins a special subset of celebrity bad boys: Men who’ve fathered children outside of their marriages.

PHOTOS: Celebrity Baby Scandals

Besides the Terminator star, here’s a few other proud papas of the sort:

*   It took years, but former North Carolina Senator/ failed Presidential candidate John Edwards eventually admitted he’d fathered a baby girl out-of-wedlock with his former mistress, Rielle Hunter. He and his late wife Elizabeth were separated shortly after he made the admission.
*   Mercurial Mad Max star Mel Gibson fathered a baby girl named Lucia with Russian piano player Oksana Grigorieva, while he was wed to his longtime wife, Robyn.
*   Talk about Destiny’s Child: Mathew Knowles, Beyonce‘s father, and his wife Tina separated after it was discovered he fathered a boy named Nixon with an actress.
*   Add another footnote to Michael Lohan’s never-ending hit parade: the brash screen dad reportedly had a daughter, now in her teens, out of wedlock during his marriage to Lindsay’s mom, Dina.
Besides these dubious dads, check out our special photo gallery to see other celebs involved in baby scandals.

PHOTOS: Celebs Involved In Baby Scandals


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