VIDEO: Late Night Hosts Weigh In On Kirstie Alley’s Dancing With The Stars Fall

Apparently, no one got the memo about Kirstie Alley weight jokes.

Proving no one learned from George Lopez‘s ‘pig joke’  last month, late night hosts Conan O’Brien and David Letterman on Tuesday feasted on Alley’s embarrassing tumble (after partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy suffered a muscle spasm) during her rumba on Monday’s Dancing with the Stars.

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Conan said of the gaffe, “Things sort of went as expected,” before playing a video of her fall with added visual effects (smoke, fires) that made it seem like the studio had been destroyed by the actress falling down.

Letterman was short and scathing with his two cents, mentioning the incident and asking the audience, “Did you feel it,” to imply Alley’s fall resonated like an earthquake.

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On The Tonight Show, Jay Leno took the high road, avoiding the cheap punchline in lieu of clever jokes, saying, “Well it’s spring here in L.A., except on Dancing with the Stars, where it’s fall!”

Leno noted that Alley survived this week’s cut on the ABC hit, saying that the show needs her star power, as without her, this season could be called “Dancing with … Who The Hell Are These People?”

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Just a few weeks back, fellow late night host Lopez apologized for a joke implying the Look Who’s Talking star is a pig, tweeting, “I misjudged the joke … no malice was intended and I apologize to Kirstie.”

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Dancing with the Stars returns on ABC Monday at 8/7c.



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