EXCLUSIVE: ‘The A List’ Star TJ Kelly Beat Me Up, Says Talent Agent

A New York talent agent says he filed a police report against TJ Kelly, one of the star’s of Logo’s The A List, after he was allegedly “assaulted and beat” by the reality television star.

Businessman Johnny D. Lascano released a series of photos to RadarOnline.com which he said showed injuries he sustained following an April 1 incident in Sayville, New York.

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“TJ just lost it and punched me because I told him his boyfriend was rude,” Lascano told RadarOnline.com in an exclusive interview.

“TJ said: ‘Don’t talk to my boyfriend like that you fu**ing douche bag.’

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“He assaulted me and demanded I do what he said because he was a ‘reality star’.”

Lascano said he then threw water on Kelly which prompted the “attack.”

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“He punched me so hard that he cut may face with his nail,” he said.

Kelly — the breakout star of The A List, a series about gay man modeled on The Real Housewives franchise — had appeared at an event booked by Lascano, when the incident occurred.

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“We’d booked him for events in the past and he was great,” he said.

“It’s a shame he has let the fame go to his head.”

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Kelly did not return RadarOnline.com’s request for comment.

Lascano said the incident left him scared once he discovered the Kelly had drawn blood.

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“I told him he was a f**king piece of sh*t and said, ‘you better figure out how you are going to make this up to me or I’m going to press charges.’

“He wasn’t sorry at all, so I filed a police report.”

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Said the alleged victim: “It’s too bad, TJ is the guy that made the show, but now his head has blown up, I mean he thinks he is really famous and can treat people like that.”



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