VIDEO: Snooki On The Fence About Falling In Love With Vinny

Snooki and her love life confusion were showcased on Thursday’s episode of MTV’s smash hit Jersey Shore, as the pint-sized pop culture sensation admitted she’s really developing feelings for her co-star Vinny Guadagnino, and has all the scoop for you.

Snooki admitted she loved Vinny, the least-flashy, most mild-mannered of her male roommates, during another night of revelry at the club.

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When close confidante J-WOWW asked Snooki if her feelings were genuine, Snooki admitted they were, but said she was embarrassed by the whole situation, no pun intended.

“I like [Vinny,] but it’s not a good look for me to start to have feelings for him and then he’s bringing home all these girls,” Snooki said. “He tells me he’s not going to bring anyone home so we can cuddle, and then he brings somebody home.

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“It just makes me look stupid.”

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Are these two Seaside Heights’ answer to Ross & Rachel? Find out when Jersey Shore returns on MTV Thursday at 10/9c.

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