VIDEO: The Situation Throws A Grenade (Joke) — And Bombs At Donald Trump Roast

Poor Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino. We knew he can’t dance, and now we know he can’t tell a joke either.

For some reason (why, we don’t know) The Situation was invited to The Comedy Central Roast Of Donald Trump, and one thing we learned is that the ‘L’ in GLT does NOT stand for laughs.

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Here’s an example of one ‘joke':

“People are hating on him because Trump is always firing people, but it’s kind of OK because he completely let himself go anyway,” Sorrentino (who appeared to be having a good time) said to repeated groans in the audience. 

He also took a shot at comedian and fellow Trump roaster Whitney Cummings, asking her if she was a chick. “On the Jersey Shore we call ugly chicks grenades, but I actually wouldn’t call you a grenade because you aren’t blowing up anytime soon.”

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The audience didn’t know how to react — and neither did the usually self-mocking Cummings.

The Situation then turned his ‘humor’ on comedy vet Jeffrey Ross, saying: “You and me have a lot in common, buddy.” “We’re both from Jersey, and tonight’s my first night doing comedy.”

“It’s also your last night, just so you know,” Ross shot back.

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