VIDEO: Paris Hilton: Cy Waits ‘Saved My Life’ From Knife-Wielding Burglar

Paris Hilton has dated some of the world’s hunkiest jocks and actors, but the socialite tells Ellen DeGeneres that her current beau, Cy Waits, stands out from the rest, as he’s a real lifesaver, literally.

The socialite told DeGeneres of Waits, who she’s been dating almost a year: “He’s so loyal and protective of me and he saved my life. He’s my hero.”

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“He saved your life in what way?” Ellen asked.

“I got burglarized a few months ago by this guy who came in with two huge knives,” Hilton said. “And Cy… stopped him.

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Hilton, 30, called Waits “loyal and amazing” and said he’s her “best friend,” as well as her lover.

“He treats me like a princess — he just got me a car for my birthday, which is so sweet.”

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As previously reported, in the August 2010 incident, Hilton was awakened by banging on the windows, and her dogs were barking loudly.  The accused intruder, Nathan Lee Parada, is currently awaiting trial on a felony burglary charge; he’s pleaded not guilty in the case.

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Hilton’s appearance will air on Monday’s edition of Ellen.



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