VIDEO: Gwyneth Paltrow Makes ‘Sexy’ Return To Glee!

Gwyneth Paltrow returned with a bang — so to speak — to Glee Tuesday night, reprising her role as quirky substitute teacher Holly Holliday.

The episode focused on SEX-SEX-SEX, with Holliday attempting to teach the kids — and even some adults — about the birds and the bees. (And yes, at one point, she even whips out a condom and a cucumber, scaring the kids off of salads for life).

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Paltrow sang several songs — kicking off with a rousing cover of Joan Jett’s Do Ya Wanna Touch Me, later followed by Fleetwood Mac’s Landslide, and a fabulous duet by Gwyn and Matthew Morrison of Prince’s Kiss.

Watch Gwyn Sing Do You Wanna Touch Me

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Other highlights of Tuesday’s night’s episode included Santana coming out as a lesbian and telling Brittany she loves her; Lauren asking Puck to make a sex tape with her (he declines); Finn and Quinn hooking up; Kurt’s uber-cool dad giving him pamphlets on gay sex;  Emma revealing she and new hubby Dr. Carl (John Stamos — also making a delicious return cameo) haven’t yet had sex after four months of marriage — and in the final seconds of the show, the best surprise of all: Mr. Schue kissing Holly Holliday!

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On next Tuesday’s episode, Glee sings all original songs for the very first time as the New Directions go to Regionals.



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