VIDEO: The Claws Come Out On Holly’s World

This weekend’s episode of Holly’s World is a hair-pulling-drink-throwing-catfight and has a sneak peek for you.

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The bickering begins when Angel Porrino finds out that her nemesis Jayde Nicole will be part of the upcoming Playboy Club photo shoot and confronts Laura Croft about keeping the information from her.

“Angel, this is work. I can do business with whoever I want to,” Laura snaps back.

The shoot proceeds but when Jayde makes a snarky comment implying that Angel is ruining the shot, the claws come out and Angel throws a drink in Jayde’s face.

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“F**king b*tch, I f**king hate you! Go back to Canada!” Angel screams after the two embattle in a fight complete with hair-pulling and fist-throwing.

“And f**k you Laura for not doing anything!” Angel screams.

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Shaken but not stirred, Jayde yells at Angel as she’s running out: “You are insane! You are like a little freakin’ baby.”

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To catch the rest of the fight and to find out if the two make up, tune in to Holly’s World on Sunday at 10:30 p.m. on E!



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