PHOTOS: Spring Break Sexy! Stars Partying In Their Bikinis

Whether partying at a pool or sizzling up the sand, these smoking hot stars certainly know how to get the party started — by stripping down into their skimpy bikinis!

In honor of the celebrated college recess, has photos of Hollywood most banging bikini bodies, living it up spring break style by getting down and dirty in their skimpy swimsuits. Click the next sentence to see stars getting spring break sexy.

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Paris Hilton is not only one of the most famous partiers in the world, but also has one of the most famous bikini bods! The smoking hot heiress strips down into a skimpy bikini every chance she gets, and whenever there is something to celebrate, you can bet she will be up front and center, getting the crowd all amped up in sexy style.

Click Here To See Paris Hilton Heating Up The Party In Her Pink Bikini

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Pamela Anderson is another party-hopping hottie, who is never shy about showing off her artificial assets in the tiny triangle tops and string bikini bottoms. The Baywatch babe never misses a beach party, bringing her Playboy Bunny bod with her, for the crowds to celebrate.

Click Here To See Pamela Anderson Getting Wild In Her Skimpy Bikini

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And from the beach to The Hills, Audrina Patridge and Kristin Cavallari know how to keep things sexy and celebratory. The reality show stars love bringing their perfect 10 bikini bodies to the party, making the boys go wild.

Click Here To See Audrina Patridge’s Perfect 10 Bikini Body

Click Here To See Kristin Cavallari Getting Busy On The Beach In Her Bikini

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And even Twilight babe Ashley Greene appreciates a good pool party every now and then. With her swerving curves and gorgeous face, the bikini brunette is definitely worth toasting.

Click Here To See Ashley Greene Looking Gorgeous In Her Bikini

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What other bikini babes like to party it up in their bikinis spring break style? Click here to find out.



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