PHOTOS: Lady Gaga Frolics With Fans In The Rain

A torrential down pour in Toronto didn’t stop a scantily-clad Lady Gaga from stopping to sign autographs for fans as she dashed out of her hotel on Friday, and has photos of their damp meeting.

The scandalous singer was dressed in sheer fishnet tights, a leather bra and dark glasses as she posed for photos with her adoring little monsters north of the border.

PHOTOS: Lady Gaga Greets Fans Wearing Fishnets In The Rain

With her hair in a super long platinum pony tail and bizarre black bangs, the 24-year-old star didn’t seem to mind the weather despite having to be covered by a coat held by an assistant.

As previously reported Gaga delighted young fan and YouTube singing sensation Maria Aragon by inviting the 10-year-old on stage to perform a piano duet of Born This Way during her Toronto show on Thursday.

Gaga delivered a goosebump-inducing duet with Maria, cementing the Poker Face singer’s reputation as one of the most beloved and fan-friendly entertainers in the world.

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