VIDEO: Super Bowl Ads — The Favs & The Flops

Sunday’s Super Bowl provided plenty of water cooler talk for those who enjoy the game’s innovative, high-priced ads, as standouts included a mini-Darth Vader using the force on Volkswagen’s Passat, Eminem driving through his native Detroit in the Chrysler 200 Sedan, and Joan Rivers sporting the body of a 20-something for

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On Monday’s edition of The Today Show, experts Laura Petrecca, a business reporter for USA Today, and veteran ad man Donny Deutsch, gave their takes on what the hits and flops were for advertisers on the year’s grandest stage.

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“I think it’s a year with a lot of talkers — nothing like last year’s Snickers ad with Betty White, but with the two minute ad with Eminem, people will be talking more than last year,” Petrecca said. 

“Overall I don’t think the world was set on fire,” Deutsch said, noting he did think the Darth Vader and Eminem ads were standouts in an otherwise weak field.

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Other prominent ads which were gaining steam on the Web Monday included Roseanne Barr getting hit by a log in a Snickers spot; Kim Kardashian calling it quits with her trainer for Sketchers; and a Doritos ad showing a man teasing a  pug  through a glass door, before the dog barrels over him and the door.

Deutsch said, “What I don’t like about the ads is the buffoonery of young men … we constantly, with the beer ads and the chip ads, see young men acting like such idiots, and I’m not sure why that sells a product.”

And here’s some additional fun facts: The ‘Darth Vadar’ commercial had 13-million hits on YouTube even before the game, while Doritos was the most tweeted about brand during the game. A 30-second spot during the Super Bowl cost $3 million.



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