VIDEO: Sammi Leaves Jersey Shore After Blowout Fight With Ronnie

The volatile relationship between Sammi Giancola and Ronnie Magro came to a head on Jersey Shore Thursday, as the couple’s long-overdue break-up was punctuated by a huge fight in which Ronnie destroyed Sammi’s belongings, causing her to move out.

In the episode, the rest of the cast attempted to intervene in the downward-spiraling relationship before it really got out of hand, but things got ugly all the same.

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After the two had a fight, Sammi showed up at the same bar Ronnie was drinking at — and began getting romantic with a patron there.

A seething Ronnie, in retaliation, went back to the house and busted up all of Sammi’s stuff in a juiced-up rampage, telling her, “You f—ing disrespected me in front of my face!”

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Sammi, mortified by the damage, said goodbye to Ronnie and the rest of her roommates before calling a cab and leaving the house.

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Jersey Shore airs on MTV Thursdays at 10/9c.



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