VIDEO: John Wayne Bobbitt: Lorena Never Apologized, Everything Working Fine

John Wayne Bobbitt, who became a household name (and unfortunate punchline) back in 1993 when his wife Lorena cut off his  ‘you- know-what’ appeared on The View Wednesday as a part of the show’s wickedly-entertaining Where Are They Now? week.

Bobbitt, who said he’s moved back to upstate New York, admitted that “trusting women was always hard” after the harrowing June 23, 1993 incident, in which his wife cut off  his ‘thingy’  and threw it into a field. (Authorities would later recover the severed organ and doctors would sew it back on.)

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Bobbitt said he never harbored any ill will towards Lorena, believing she cut him because she was “heartbroken” over their volatile relationship. 

Bobbitt said the one thing that was upsetting was that there was “no apology” to be had after she  attacked him, making him a national punchline in the process.

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And for those of you wondering: Yes,  ‘little John’  works just fine these days.

“We got some good doctors today,” Bobbitt said with a smile.

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The incident took place at the Manassas, Virginia apartment he shared with his then-wife. Bobbitt appeared in a fundraiser orchestrated by Howard Stern during the shock jock’s pay-per-view New Year’s Eve pageant that year.


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