VIDEO: Barbara Walters Scolds Dina Lohan Over Lindsay — ‘C’mon, Let’s Get Real!’

Barbara Walters —  in a classic ‘scolding mother ‘ tone — called out Dina Lohan on The View Thursday, telling her  “C’mon, let’s get real”  when it comes to her daughter Lindsay’s problems.

The legendary TV journalist made her comments during the show’s ‘Hot Topics’ segment that included the panel talking about Lindsay being charged Wednesday with felony grand theft.  (Dina was not on The View Wednesday, and Walters pointed out that she has repeatedly invited her to be  guest on the show).

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Walters said that Dina calls her from time to time, and that when they last spoke two days ago, Dina told her “Lindsay’s fine.. everything’s fine..
everything is OK..”

Walters — who was imitating Dina’s voice as she relayed her comments — then said: “I shouldn’t make fun of her voice. I mean it wasn’t fine. Maybe a little more straightforwardness.. a little more honesty.. a little more responsibility might help.

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“I like Dina Lohan,” Walters continued. “She’s not a bad lady, but c’mom, let’s get real!”

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