EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW & PHOTOS: Guess Which ‘Bad Girl’ This Kid Grew Up To Be!

Yes — Natalie Nunn — “the baddest girl ever to hit L.A.” — once looked almost angelic, and RadarOnline.com has the exclusive photos to prove it.

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Bad Girl Natalie Nunn Was Once A Sweet Little Girl!

As a little girl the reality star, who is the daughter of a church deacon, played by the rules. Hanging with her big brother and one time USC football player Ronald, our exclusive photos show a little curly haired Natalie riding a pink tricycle.

By age five, the beautiful future star was a budding model, photographed for a Nordstroms advertisement in flowery pink pajamas.

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In another exclusive shot taken in her San Francisco backyard, a sassy 6-year-old Nunn is already showing signs of the future diva she was to become. Posing like a movie star, and wearing a flouncy, colorful dress, she is definitely not camera shy!

Nunn shocked viewers when she had sex on camera in her bedroom with the door wide open while shooting her reality show.

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Left unfazed by the negative backlash she’s received from her housemates and viewers, her wild antics have made her a Bad Girls Club favorite.

In an exclusive interview Natalie told RadarOnline.com that far from damaging her future, her outrageous antics have launched her career and she has now landed her own show A Day In The Life Of Natalie Nunn, which begins shooting this week.

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To help promote the bound-to-be outrageous show, pictures have been released of a behind the scenes modeling shoot for Black Men Magazine and Nunn has also posed for a sexy lingerie photo spread for Show Magazine.

“I am so busy,” Natalie told RadarOnline.com. “To prepare for my show and the modeling shoots I have been working out non stop and have lost a little weight.”

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In addition to her new show, Natalie is working on a tell-all book about the last two years of hanging with celebrities, socialites and athletes.

Nunn has been linked to NFL star Vernon Davis, basketball great Shaquille O’Neil and most recently, bad boy rapper Wiz Khalif.

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In the meantime, fans can catch Nunn on the new Love Games Season 2 on Oxygen. Check out the cast on oxygen.com bad girls need love too.



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