DOCUMENTS: Octo-Mom Doc Medical License Decision Delayed

The doctor who is under fire from the California State Medical Board for “gross negligence” in the fertility treatment of Nadya Suleman will keep his license for at least a few more weeks has learned.

The Medical Board met in January in a closed-door session and revealed Wednesday that they rejected the recommendation that Dr. Michael Kamrava be placed on probation. 

DOCUMENTS: Court Delays Octo-Mom Doc Medical License Decision

A hearing was held in 2010 to determine if Dr. Kamrava should keep his medical license in California after he was investigated for the in-vitro fertilization treatments he gave Nadya Suleman, AKA Octo-Mom, that resulted in her giving birth to eight babies on January 26, 2009. 

The judge who presided over the hearing opined that Dr. Kamrava should be placed on probation for five years, a punishment which the board did not adopt.  

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According to the spokesperson for the Board, they will meet again during their next meeting which will be in May to review the hearing transcripts and rule on the final decision of the doctor’s medical license.  Kamrava and his attorney may submit written arguments to the board or request an in-person hearing. 

“The public would be adequately protected by a period of probation that includes, among other things, terms and conditions requiring (Kamrava) to complete an ethics course,” Administrative Law Judge Daniel Juarez wrote in his opinion to the Board.

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“It does not appear likely that (Kamrava) will repeat acts like transferring an excessive number of embryos as he did in the cases of (Suleman and another patient), especially given the national publicity surrounding (Sulemna’s) case.”

During the hearing last year, Kamrava apologized for implanting the embryos in Suleman which resulted in the birth of the octuplets.

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He said: “At the time that I did it, I thought I did the right thing. When I look back at it, even with all those circumstances, I was wrong.”


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