Coco Gets Creative For ‘Thong Thursday’

Oh, Coco!  The big-bootied bombshell forgot to wear her thong on ‘Thong Thursday’, but have no fear.  Ice-T’s scandalous sidekick did some derriere damage control, creating a makeshift thong out of her booty shorts.

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“I’m not wearing a Thong for Thong Thursday so I’m trying to get creative,” Coco tweeted.

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The crazily curved star followed it up by tweeting a sexy photo of herself, wearing a bright blue thong-like panty with a yellow halter bra, which barely covered her boobs.

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“I tucked my booty short in the top of my butt cleavage to make a thong for Thong Thursday,” she proudly explained in the caption.  “How’d I do?”

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Apparently Coco has booty…and brains!


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