AUDIO: Piers Morgan Faces Off With Howard Stern

CNN host Piers Morgan appeared on The Howard Stern Show Monday in the wake of a flare-up between the media giants, though after a few early words, the two got along fine, with Stern even offering the CNN host advice on how to get his ratings up.

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As previously reported, Stern last week said he ran into Morgan at a New York Knicks game, and that CNN host was “walking around like he’s the new king of late night cable … like stop going around bragging like you’re gonna be the next Barbara Walters, or something.'”

On Monday, Stern told Morgan, “Piers, let me clear this up, first of all: A. I told you after the interview I liked you.”

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Stern said he didn’t like the way Morgan was positioning himself in a rivalry with Stern, even using the moniker “King of All Media” to rankle the New York-based radio icon.

Stern said by acting grandiose, Morgan was setting himself up for a beating from the media the minute his ratings plummet, and he should play it more low-key if he wants to be successful in the states.

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Morgan said, “My show is 220 countries to 350 million people … I’ve come here to say to you, ‘Howard — hand over the throne!’”

“CNN reaches 350 million people — you don’t — you’re reaching three people!” Stern responded.

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Stern emphasized he likes Morgan dating back to his gig on America’s Got Talent. Stern asked Morgan if he thought Larry King was hoping for a comeback in the wake of Morgan’s tepid opening, but Morgan praised King as a man he’s got huge admiration for and “one of my idols when I grew up.”

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