AUDIO: Howard Stern Rips Piers Morgan: ‘You’re Not The Next Barbara Walters!’

Piers Morgan‘s ego irritated Howard Stern during a chance meeting last week, as the British talk show host rankled the King Of All Media by offering to “save his career,” which prompted Stern to warn Piers to “stop going around bragging like you’re gonna be the next Barbara Walters!”

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Here’s how it all went down: Stern on his Monday broadcast said he ran into Morgan at the New York Knicks-Miami Heat game at Madison Square Garden last Thursday, noting that the CNN host was “walking around like he’s the new king of late night cable.”

“He’s really good, because he already thinks he’s already arrived, and maybe he’ll carry everyone along with him, in this understanding he has,” chimed in Stern’s sidekick, Robin Quivers.

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Stern pointed out that Morgan’s recent broadcast featuring the Kardashian sisters drew only 498,000 viewers — not even good enough to beat CNBC’s Supermarkets Inc, which had 504,000 viewers.

“The ratings on that were so low that he was beaten by a cable cooking show,” Stern said. “And I told Piers this, ‘Like stop going around bragging like you’re gonna be the next Barbara Walters, or something.'”

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Stern’s temper again heated up when the lowly-rated Morgan later made Stern an offer to increase his exposure and “save his career” — by appearing monthly on his CNN show!

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“I was baffled by this conversation — like he’s doing me a favor because of my miserable career — I have more listeners on Satellite than [he does] on CNN!” Stern said. “You don’t walk up to me and say [that.]

“What do you think, I give a f— about being on any of your shows?!?” Stern said. “What the f— help do I need, my career’s on fire!

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Stern said it’s Morgan that should be asking him, if he could appear on his radio show each month.

“I like the guy, but he’s gotta really wise up,” Stern said of Morgan. “Dude, you’re in a whole new f—— ballgame … you’re on CNN, in America — welcome to the war.”



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