VIDEO: Howard K. Stern Feels ‘Vindicated’, Says Anna Nicole ‘Didn’t Take Medication To Get High’

Howard K. Stern, the attorney of the late Anna Nicole Smith, told Good Morning America Thursday he “was vindicated” when a Los Angeles judge last week dismissed the drug conspiracy convictions against him and one of the late starlet’s doctors.

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Stern, speaking with his attorney via satellite feed from Colorado, said “it was incredible” when  Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Robert Perry let him off the hook, saying the longtime Smith associate had not intended on defrauding anyone in obtaining prescriptions for the late reality TV star.

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“The prosecution’s false portrayal was exposed,” a red-eyed Stern said, adding that a vision of Smith crossed his mind right as the judge’s decision had come down. “In my mind, I was talking to her.”

Stern said that he never considered himself an enabler, in allowing Smith’s prescription drug use to lead to an ultimately fatal conclusion.

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“Anna had her doctors, she had her medical problems,” he said. “She didn’t take her medication to get high — she took them to live her daily life.”

Stern said of Smith, who died of a drug overdose in February 8, 2007 in a Hollywood, Florida hotel room: “To me, she was perfect — she was everything.”

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