PHOTOS: Sexy, Wholesome Stars You’d Take Home To Meet Mom

Some Hollywood stars have everything you’re looking for in a mate, but the one person they need to impress? Mom! With wholesome good looks and irresistible charm some celebs are exactly the type of person you’d want to take home to meet your folks. brings you this special look at stars who are everthing you’d want in a partner — and you know your mom would love them too.

PHOTOS: Sexy Stars You’d Take Home To Meet Mom!

This list is filled with A-lister actors, sweet singers and even a future King too.

Who makes the cut, the one you know your mom would love? Sandra Bullock, of course, Zac Efron and Hayden Panettiere are just a few of the perfect celebs you’d want your mom to meet.

Check out the gallery to find out who else is the sure bet to make your mom happy you’ve brought them home.

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