PHOTOS: Bikini Babes! From Skinny To Skurvy To Curvy

From super skinny starlets to reality stars with swerving curves, celebrity bikini babes prove that sexy comes in all shapes and sizes. has photos of the skinniest, skurviest and curviest babes on the beach in this special bikini feature.  Click the next sentence to see bikini babes from skinny to scurvy to curvy.

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It isn’t surprising that the skinniest bikini bodies in Hollywood belong to Rachel Zoe and Nicole Richie. The former friends and stylistas have been scrutinized for their fat-free frames.

See Nicole running on the beach here and Rachel here.

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Claire Danes and Keira Knightley have a lot more in common than a shelf full of awards. Both of the sexy stars sport tight and skinny bodies when they strip down for the beach.

See Claire looking red hot here and Keira making a splash in here candy-striped bikini here.

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When it comes to skurves, Lindsay Lohan and Chloe Sevigny have got it going on! Both of the hot-bodied stars have just enough skin on their bones (paired with ample chests!) to bring heat to the beach.

See Lindsay’s boobiful bikini body here and Chloe’s here.

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And when it comes to swerving curves, Kim Kardashian certainly knows a thing or two about stropping traffic. The boobiful and bootylicious bikini babe has one of the most famous figures on television.

See Kim’s amazing assets by clicking here.

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But Ice-T‘s wife Coco gives Kim some fierce competition, when she shows off her larger-than-life assets in her barely there g-string bikinis.

See Coco’s curves by clicking here.

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What other skinny, scurvy and curvy babes bring heat to the beach? Find out by clicking here.



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