ON YOUR RADAR: Craziest Moments Caught On Camera In 2010

As 2010 comes to a close, RadarOnline.com is taking you on a visual journey through the craziest moments caught on camera throughout the year, starring many of your favorite celebs such as Heidi and Spencer, Jon Gosselin, Lindsay Lohan, Tila Tequila and Mel Gibson.

So sit back, crank the volume and enjoy these videos!



Teen Mom Amber Portwood brought a new meaning to controversial when an episode of the hit MTV show aired on September 28 showing her physically assaulting her then-fiance, Gary Shirley — all while their two-year-old daughter stood at her feet.

“I am at the edge…don’t you ever come here again you fat piece of sh*t. You are trash!” Portwood shouted as she slapped and punched Shirley. The abuse sparked charges from both the local Anderson, Indiana authorities and more recently the Madison County Prosecutor’s Office, as well as Portwood temporarily losing custody of her daughter, Leah, during an emergency custody hearing and having a No Contact Order placed on her to stay away from Gary.





During his December 14 appearance on The View, Bill O’ Reilly really got some of the women on the panel riled up while discussing Park5 (the Mosque/ Muslim community center near Ground Zero), causing the show’s co-hosts Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg to walk off their own show.

O’Reilly called the project inappropriate and added “a lot of the 9/11 families who I know say, “Look, we don’t want that, that shouldn’t be there.” He then cited a poll that claimed 70 percent of Americans feel that same way and said he personally opposed it “because Muslims killed us on 9/11″ — and that’s when things on the show spiraled out of control.

Broadcasting icon Barbara Walters, mortified with the conduct from her co-hosts, said, “You have just seen what should not happen … we should be able to have discussions without washing our hands and screaming and walking off stage. I love my colleagues, but that should not have happened.”





Troubled actress-turned-rehab-regular Lindsay Lohan tripped and fell in public for the second time in as many weeks, as caught on video in April.  Lohan was photographed outside Xbox’s Splinter Cell event at Les Deux in Hollywood, clad in a midriff-baring black jacket and light yellow shirt. She was signing autographs for fans outside the club when she lost her footing and had to be helped to her feet and car by a club escort.

The week before, she had a similar embarrassing moment outside a friend’s Hollywood home that was also caught by photographers.

Lohan is currently finishing up her fifth stint in rehab at the Betty Ford Center in Ranch Mirage, California and is expected to be released in early January.




RadarOnline.com obtained exclusive video of father of eight Jon Gosselin smoking marijuana while on vacation last summer in St. Tropez, France. The former reality star and his then-girlfriend Hailey Glassman appear to be stoned out of their minds!

An insider revealed that in the video, Hailey and Jon had smoked spliffs, mixing marijuana and tobacco. “Jon and Hailey were confused about how people smoked weed in France because they mix it with tobacco. All they did [on their trip] was drink Crystal and smoke spliffs with the friends they were with,” the source told RadarOnline.com exclusively. “Whenever someone was sparking it up, they were right there smoking it.”

At one point on the tape, Jon sticks a cigarette up his nose, starts massaging his belly and tells Hailey, “This is how the French smoke. They smoke so much they put cigarettes in every orifice of their body.”




The Jersey Shore cast member people love to hate, Angelina Pivarnick packed her bags and left in grand fashion on the September 30 episode of MTV’s smash-hit — but not before the Staten Island spitfire exchanged verbal bullets with everyone and got into a memorable two-round tussle with Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi.

After Angelina had decided to leave, the coup de gras came when Snooki returned from a night of clubbing to reveal she’d hooked up with a beau Angelina had a history of doing the nasty with. An argument ensued over “sloppy seconds,” so when both Snooki and Angelina were out of words, they wrestled on the floor in a skirt-raising, hair-pulling barn-burner MTV will surely replay on Jersey Shore highlight reels for years.




Meet Aldi Suganda, the 2-year-old Indonesian that became an Internet sensation in July after a series of YouTube videos of the boy — a chain-smoking toddler with a two-pack-a-day habit — made national headlines.

“He was being very fussy, always cried when we were there to sell,” his mother Diana said through an interpreter. “So, we just let him play by himself. One day, we followed him from behind and found him hanging out at a cigarette stall. He had a cigarette in his hand, already lit. He already knew how to do it very well, like an adult. It was actually his own wish.

“If he can really quit smoking, he will definitely be a very healthy boy, without any disease,” his mother said. “But now, I don’t know of what will happen in the future.”

Smoking in Indonesia is quite common, authorities said, as more than a third of the country’s population tends to light up. “Nowadays, he smokes one pack a day, two packs at most. We surely hope he will quit, that he will be like any other kid, not smoking. But I can’t stand seeing him hurting himself. What can we do but to accept it is as it is?” his mother said.




Perhaps more shocking than Tila Tequila herself, was video captured on August 14 in which a topless Tila was attacked at the “Gathering of the Juggalos” music festival in Hardin County, Illinois.

The reality-TV star suffered facial cuts and bruised on her body when she was pelted with rocks, bottles and even human feces while performing at the event. While performing, she takes off her top in an attempt to win the crowd over screaming, “I don’t give a f*ck, I don’t give a f*ck!” Soon after rocks and bottles were thrown.


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