VIDEO: Russell Crowe Once Smoked 60 Cigarettes A Day!

Oscar-winner Russell Crowe’s known for blowing off steam, but he’s actually been inhaling plenty of smoke: The Gladiator star told David Letterman on Wednesday’s Late Show that he recently quit smoking after more than 35 years of lighting up, a habit that led him to inhale as many as 60 cigarettes in a single day.

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The New Zealand-born star told Letterman “if there was an Olympics for smoking, I’m kind of more of a gold medalist than Mark Spitz.”

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Crowe, 46, said he ditched the deadly habit about five months ago because it was “really starting to affect my health,” but admitted that he recently lit up after a glass of wine.

Crowe said he “was such a committed smoker, that I used to carry them with me into high school,” adding this “before disposable lighters were invented.”

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He said that he’d bring flint to school along with three of four matches — a bad idea, as one day, he caught fire while adjusting himself. 

“I was only 13, I didn’t have that much pubic hair as it was,” he said. “I kind of killed the first crop.”



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