VIDEO: Bristol Survives!?! Kurt Warner & Anna Trebunskaya Sacked On DWTS

We haven’t been this confused since Sanjaya made it into the top ten of American Idol back in 2007 – so let’s address the elephant in the ballroom – (and if by elephant you think we’re referring to the symbol of the Republican party – you are correct!) Why is Bristol Palin still on Dancing with the Stars?

Despite her low scores – (and Stepford Wives expression) – Bristol survived DWTS elimination Tuesday night, and so former NFL quarterback (and class act) Kurt Warner was sacked, along with his pro-partner, Russian beauty Anna Trebunskaya.

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But to be fair (and balanced), Warner and Anna were only one point away from the bottom with their waltz and cha-cha performances.

After Warner was sent packing,  the audience chanted: “M.V.P.,” to the retired football star.

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The two later appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live Tuesday night to address that that very big and strange elephant that everyone’s talking about.

Dancing With The Stars is not always a dance competition,” Trebunskaya told Kimmel after being asked what she thought about Palin still being in the competition.

Warner was more relaxed and not at all upset that he was voted off.

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“I wasn’t in it to win,” the former quarterback told Kimmel. “If we would have won it would’ve been great. I was never going to be the best dancer in the competition.”

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So with Warner gone, it’s now down to four semi-finalists. Along with Palin, they are frontrunner Jennifer Grey, Brandy, and Kyle Massey.

Dancing with the Stars returns next Monday to ABC.



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