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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Sweet Lady Jane – Hollywood’s ‘Cake Baker To The Stars’

Meet Hollywood’s “Cake Baker To The Stars.”

PHOTOS: Hollywood’s “Cake Baker To The Stars”

Jane Lockhart –  the owner of Sweet Lady Jane – the famous bakery on trendy Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles – is opening a scrumpitious second shop this month in beautiful Santa Monica, California.

For more than twenty years, Lockhart has baked the most delicious and decadent cakes, pies and other tempting treats for some of Hollywood’s biggest stars – for Ellen and Portia’s wedding, for Jennifer Aniston’s 40th birthday, for Kobe Bryant, even for Tom and Katie’s little Suri.

And make no mistake about it, these aren’t your mama’s cakes, Lockhart is a confectionery wizard who could make Willie Wonka turn green with envy.

To celebrate the opening of her new bakery, we gave this dessert diva a “baker’s dozen” ( for any non-bakers – that means 13!) questions about her iconic bakery and the stars she’s baked for.

(1) Radar: You’ve baked cakes for some of Hollywood’s biggest names. Drop some names for us!

Jane: “Celebrities we have baked for: Jennifer Lopez-her wedding cake to Marc Anthony, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia di Rossi’s wedding cake, Alex Trebek’s birthday cakes, Mel B, Denise Richards, Sharon Osbourne, Demi Moore, Kobe Bryant, Brad Garrett, “The Boss”, and Suri Cruise.”

(2) Radar: Tell us about the special cake you baked for Jennifer Aniston’s birthday – the big 4-0!

Jane: “Jennifer Aniston’s 40th birthday cake was presented by Ellen on the show and on the set of Friends.  It was vegan red velvet as that is Ellen’s favorite for her guests.”

(3) Radar: Speaking of Ellen, tell us about her spectacular wedding cake.

Jane: “Ellen and Portia’s cake-Portia came in with her mom, who was visiting from Australia and showed me the ring that Ellen had had made for her which was a beautiful, but simple vine design in diamonds.  We took that simplicity and elegance and continued that vine design on the cake.  It was their favorite vegan red velvet.”

(4) Radar: Any other favorite or unusual celeb encounters?

Jane: “The celeb wedding of Jennifer Lopez was unusual in that we were never told that we were doing her cake, but rather had to figure it out that night after the wedding took place, and which was later confirmed.”

(5) Radar: What’s the largest cake you’ve ever made?

Jane: “The largest wedding cake was for 300 guests and was flown by private jet to Napa Valley.”

(6) Radar: Most expensive cake?

Jane: “The most expensive was a very very large castle made of course entirely of cake.” ( The cost – $7,000)

(7) Radar: Strangest request?

Jane: “The strangest request was a real cake made to look like a “Big Mac”. It was for McDonald’s and celebrated the first Big Mac.  It was 3 ft wide and 3 ft high.  Had the meat, bun, sesame seeds – looked so real, but was gigantic and quite the engineering feat.”

(8) Radar: You can turn any image into a cake – even a photo of a pet, right?

Jane: “One woman loved her dog so much that after we piped her beloved pet’s face on the cake, she wouldn’t cut into it.  She froze it for years.”

(9) Radar: Any requests just too big to handle?

Jane: “A request that was too big to handle was an exact replica of the Getty Museum.  We just didn’t have the room in our kitchen to do it.”

(10) Radar: Most requested icing?

Jane: “The most requested icing flavor is whipped cream on our berry cake.”

(11) Radar: Most unusual flavor?

Jane: “Our most unusual cake flavor is our Dulce de Leche.” 

(12) Radar: Your favorite treat?

Jane: “My personal favorite treat is either our peanut butter chiffon or the peanut butter chocolate tarts.  Obviously I love the combination of peanut butter and chocolate.”

(13) Radar: What’s your secret?

Jane: “The secret to the perfect cake is a cake made with the finest ingredients creating a moist cake filled perfectly for flavor with extraordinary decoration.”

Sweet Lady Jane opens its second bakery on November 11th at Montana and 17th in Santa Monica. The original location is located at 8360 Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. For more information about Sweet Lady Jane, check out their Web site!

Special thanks to Bradley C. Simpson, Director of Sales for Sweet Lady Jane.