EXCLUSIVE: Olivia Munn Deflects Questions About Justin Timberlake With Advice From John Ritter

Olivia Munn knows how to get around a question when she doesn’t want to answer it. She turns to some advice from the late John Ritter!

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That’s what happened when RadarOnline.com caught up with the Iron Man 2 beauty at the Lotus Launch event Friday night in Los Angeles.

We wanted her to talk about the report that she and Justin Timberlake had a fling right under his girlfriend Jessica Biel‘s nose.

“I really like to keep my private life private. If I answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to that question people will interpret it however they want,” Olivia told RadarOnline.com.

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“Jason Ritter is a good friend of mine and his dad gave him some really good advice. He said, ‘Don’t believe the good things they say about you, and don’t believe the bad things. Just know who you are’.”

But would the gossip interfere with her kissing Timberlake on camera if a role called for it?

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Not a chance, Olivia said. “I would make out with your mom if a role called for it!”


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