VIDEO: Jennifer Hudson, Common Collaborate On Song Celebrating Chicago

Hometown kids Common and Jennifer Hudson, along with other notable Windy City phenoms like Lupe Fiasco and No I.D., recently collaborated to record a tribute to the famous town.

The finished product “We Can Do It Now” also celebrated the famed series REPLAY (read more about the series here).

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REPLAY, which was created by Gatorade, allows old sports rivals to restage games in hopes of changing the outcome, often ten to fifteen years after the first go-around!

Gatorade not only provides a setting for the reunion but also provides an 8-week training and nutrition program to help the former athletes get back in shape.

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Season three features two South Side Chicago high school basketball teams who competed this fall to re-do their 2000 super sectional game which originally ended with a controversial call regarding the game clock.

A documentary of their journey and their REPLAY game wil premiere on November 7 on Fox Sports Net.

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