VIDEO: Its Lucky (Baby No.) 13 On TLC’s Sister Wives

Duggars 19, Browns 13.

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No, that’s not a football score from Sunday’s NFL slate, but rather a TLC kid tally, as the night’s episode of Sister Wives showed polygamist Kody Brown, his three wives and fiancée welcoming the family’s thirteenth child Truly into the world.

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The episode kicked off showcasing wives Meri, Janelle, and Christine, and fiancée Robyn, as they discussed the everyday misconceptions surrounding their lifestyle.

Later, we see Christine delivering the child, while hubby Kody chats it up with the doctor about seeing a fertility specialist for his first wife, Meri. After the child is born, the rest of the family gathers around and coddles the newborn.

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Then, Meri and Kody celebrated the 20th anniversary of their marriage, at which point he dangled in vitro fertilization to his first wife as an anniversary present, which she said she saw as pointless.

Another plot arc of the show saw Meri’s daughter Moriah trying to balance her Annapolis aspirations with the stigma of the polygamist lifestyle acting as a potential roadblock in her quest of higher learning.

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Sister Wives
airs on Sunday at 10/9c on TLC.


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