Settlement Reached In Danielle Staub Defamation Lawsuit

Settlement talks in the defamation lawsuit against The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s most controversial resident Danielle Staub have finally ended in a financial agreement, has confirmed.

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“The settlement was to everyone’s satisfaction,” Maher’s attorney Thomas Rockett told of the confidential agreement which was reached on Friday. It happened late Friday.”

Just over a week ago reported exclusively that initial talks had failed and her ex-husband Kevin Maher, who filed the lawsuit months ago, was prepared to take her to trial.

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As has previously reported, the lawsuit was filed as a result of an interview Danielle gave in June 2009 with a magazine and other comments she has made in public. She has alleged that during their short-live marriage in 1988, Maher raped her on a bed of broken glass, inserted his handgun inside her and played Russian roulette, and killed her dog by hanging it.

Staub’s lawyers had filed a motion recently requesting to exclude certain evidence from trial regarding Staub’s criminal history, Maher’s polygraph examinations, any references to Staub’s extra-marital sexual history, the testimony of Daniel Aguilar, and Caroline Manzo’s deposition testimony.

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Staub’s attorney Peter Cook outlined 29 points in his motion requesting to prohibit certain evidence, including the following: any depictions of Staub as either a stripper, prostitute or cocaine addict by Maher; any use of video footage from The Real Housewives of New Jersey, any use of Staub’s book The Naked Truth; any and all references to her criminal history, sexual history; and any references to her past or present illegal drug use and sex tapes featuring Staub.

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And the settlement came just in time. Staub was scheduled to be deposed in the case on October 5.

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