PHOTOS: Nick Nolte In Wacky Water Fight

Nick Nolte — Whose face graces one of the most legendary celebrity mugshots EVER, and more than a few movies — tried to get into a water fight Saturday but had no takers.

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Nolte, a longtime Malibu resident, went to a local shopping center and when he saw photographers in the parking lot, began spraying them with water — laughing and smiling as he ran in circles.

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It’s hard to tell if Nolte thought the shooters would fight back but they all just laughed with him, some even thanking him for the cool down on a hot afternoon.

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Nolte is barely recognizable these days from the actor who starred in The Prince of Tides and 48 Hours, but he still knows how to draw a crowd.

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The 69-year-old actor is now working on a remake of Arthur, the classic 1981 Dudley Moore film about a happy drunk.

No, Nolte doesn’t have that role — it went to the much younger Russell Brand.  Nolte plays his loyal houseman.

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