EXCLUSIVE: ‘Gatecrasher’ Michaele Salahi’s Mom Calls Other DC Housewives ‘Bullies’

Michaele Salahi’s mom Rosemary Holt has some fighting words for her daughter’s The Real Housewives of DC castmates. She spoke to RadarOnline.com about Thursday night’s scathing reunion episode and her reaction to the season’s worth of rumors regarding her daughter.

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Holt said Michaele, who she refers to as Missy, warned her about the tense reunion episode: “Miss said to me, ‘Mom, be prepared,’ and I see her not looking good on the show either. Physically I can see the strain in her face. What I encouraged her to do is ‘Miss, don’t get to their level.’ She said, ‘Yes, but everyone wonders what’s wrong with me, they think I’m phony and plastic.’ I said ‘Miss do not do tit for tat — nobody wins’.”

She called watching the reunion show “heartbreaking.”

“I wish it would have been a nicer show,” she says. “Every single one of them [the Housewives shows] always has one [person] that gets more abuse than the others.”

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Holt then gave her opinion of each of the other ladies:

On Cat: “[She’s been] cruel. She wants that attention and who does she pick on?… My relatives call me and talk in Florida and New York. Cat wants the position that Missy has and I believe it. I didn’t think of it until it was mentioned by my niece about three weeks ago. She said ‘Ro, you don’t get it, she’s approaching it like Danielle, how they picked on Danielle.’

“She needs to go back to England. She’s representing that country very poorly here. Very, very poorly.”

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On Lynda: “She is a poor excuse for a mother too. Lynda rides the middle of the road most of the time in my opinion, she tries to play both sides – ‘Oh I love Michaele’…because she’s in business and she wants to look good…as far as I’m concerned I would be afraid to do business with any of them, the way they act on the show.”

On Stacie: “Stacie is at least civil at times and if she doesn’t join the group I feel then she could be an outcast.”

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On Mary: Holt claims Michaele recommended Lynda and Mary for the show. “When she was first interviewed for this she recommended some of the ladies—Lynda and Mary. I started watching it a year ago last March. I said ‘Miss, you don’t want to see this, you will be the one that they abuse!’ and she said to me, ‘I’ve already said to the ladies ‘let’s show them how classy Washington is. We’re going to be different.’ And it didn’t work.”

Holt adds about the ladies: “They’re four bullies. That’s the best way to describe them.”


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