Bret Michaels’ Six-Pack Is Real! Says Magazine Photographer

In Tinseltown, things aren’t often what it seems but according to the photographer who shot a naked Bret Michaels for the October 2 cover of Billboard, the rocker’s ripped abs were 100% the real deal.

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“When he took off his shirt, I was like, ‘This guy’s in shape for 47!'” says photographer Blair Bunting. “It’s always easy for someone to cry ‘Photoshop,’ so I wasn’t too surprised by that…but he takes his shape seriously.”  On Billboard’s website, they did a side by side comparison of the retouched and untouched images.

Since the cover hit, there was a lot of speculation about Bret’s impressive physique- rumors Bunting nixes.

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While Billboard photo editor Amelia Halverson admits there were a few versions of the cover that heavily Photoshopped Michael’s body, she adds that they “looked too unreal.” Halverson says, “The final cover version shows Bret’s real muscles.


Bunting did bronze the rocker’s skin tone and eliminated some wrinkles.

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“It was a pretty standard retouching for him compared to anybody else,” says Bunting. “I just don’t know if he’s more controversial, or if it’s just more of a shocker that he took everything off and happens to have a nice body.”


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