VIDEO: There’s No Shortage Of Drama On Teen Mom

The drama was high on Tuesday’s edition of  MTV’s Teen Mom, as we saw falling-outs, reunions and goodbyes, and has all the scoop for you.

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Amber and Gary’s relationship took a turn for the worse, as a series of small disagreements snowballed into a massive fight that resulted in Amber kicking Gary out of the house, and second-guessing her decision to become his fiancée.

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It was a heartbreaking moment when Amber told their infant daughter Leah, “Your daddy is gone.”

Catelynn reflected on how her relationship with her mother April was doomed after she put her daughter Carly up for adoption. We also saw Catelynn and Carly reunite on the baby’s first birthday, with Catelynn ultimately confident in her decision to give she and her baby the chance at a better life.

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Farrah cautiously entered into an agreement to live in her mother’s rental house, an arrangement that looks doomed from the get-go. After a chaotic family outing to the zoo is thwarted by a car breakdown, Farrah wondered aloud, “Why even go to the zoo when you have a family like mine?”

Finally, we saw Maci work toward her move to Nashville with her boyfriend Kyle — of which her parents strongly disapprove. After speaking with Maci and her parents, it seems as if Kyle ends up with cold feet on the planned trek.

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New episodes of Teen Mom airs on MTV Tuesdays at 10/9c.


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