VIDEO: Jersey Shore’s South Beach Brawl – Watch It Here

Thursday’s episode of MTV’s smash-hit Jersey Shore picked up where last week’s left off: with J-WOWW and SammiSweetheartGiancola trying to tear each other apart.

As reported last week, the two were at each other’s throats after J-WOWW and Snooki wrote a letter to Sammi detailing her boyfriend Ronnie Magro‘s cheating ways, causing the bad blood to percolate.

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This week’s episode showed more of the dramatic exchange, which involved many of their housemates trying to rip the girls apart as they wailed on one another. At one point it looked like the boys — Ronnie and Vinny Guadagnino — were about to come to blows.

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The aftermath: Sammi bragging that she “literally beat the  sh*t  out of Jenni,” and Pauly D taking survey of the clash the next day, as he said, “There’s hair extensions, there’s fingernails, there’s a tuna fish sandwich on the ground.”

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Another plot twist Thursday centered around the germ-laden room of love at the cast’s Miami house: the Community Smush Room. For fear of catching something, J-WOWW and Snooki made like Hazmat workers in cleaning the cooties left behind by their promiscuous roomies.

The episode had more love and war for viewers in store, as a tense showdown occurred between Angelina Pivarnic and Vinny, with Vinny calling the (not-nearly-as-famous-as-Snooki) Angelina “the Rob Kardashian of Staten Island.”

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Still the cold feelings eventually turned to heat — sexual heat at that, as Vinny and Angelina wound up recycling the bad blood into lust, having sex with each other before the credits rolled.

New episodes of Jersey Shore air on MTV Thursdays at 10/9c.

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