VIDEO: It’s Fight Night (Again) On Teen Mom

The sparks were flying on Tuesday’s edition of MTV’s Teen Mom, as the young mothers faced different clashes with the people and forces in their respective lives.

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Catelynn’s mother April returned after a Las Vegas vacation and the pair’s tense relationship continued. Catelynn got a phone call from her stepfather/Tyler’s father Butch, who’s behind bars after a blow-up with Catelynn’s mom, which led to she getting a no-contact order against him. (When Butch contacted April, he was in violation of the order, and arrested.) The plot thickens when Catelynn and April paid a visit to an attorney hoping to get Butch out of jail to no avail, as they can’t afford the $1,500 retainer.

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Amber lets Gary back into her apartment, but the couple soon has a series of blow-ups over small issues, showing that their co-parenting road will be a rocky one, indeed.

“Him being at my house living with me is making everything worse for me — I don’t know what to do,” she complained.

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Farrah is seen complaining about her money problems, trying in vain to devise ways of making ends meet. When her father suggests trying to collect Social Security (as her baby’s father died), she makes a valiant attempt, and is seen confirming to a lawyer about her child’s father, Derek, died in a car accident. To get the money, the attorney says, Farrah will have to contact Derek’s family, who she has a bad relationship with. She reluctantly does.

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Maci, who’s Nashville-bound to be with her new boyfriend Kyle, bids her adieus to family and friends. When she tells her son’s father Ryan she’s headed to Music City, the sparks fly yet again. Defiant, Maci stays in Nashville where she vows she’ll do what it takes to keep her child if Ryan takes her to court.


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