PHOTOS: Matt LeBlanc – Let’s Blow This Joint

Former Friends star Matt LeBlanc is spotted smoking what appears to be a hand-rolled cigarette in London after a night of partying, and has the pics.

PHOTOS: Matt LeBlanc – Let’s Blow This Joint

The gray-haired LeBlanc, now 43, left the Chamberlayne Pub Wednesday night and enjoyed a puff inside his waiting car.

Since Friends ended its successful ten year run in 2004, LeBlanc has had some hard knocks; in 2006, his marriage ended in divorce, and that same year, his Friends spin-off, the critically bashed Joey, was canceled after running 46 episodes.

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Since Joey ended, he hasn’t worked onscreen, but in January, 2011, he’ll return to TV, appearing in the Showtime comedy series Episodes, a co-production of the BBC.

Set in London and Los Angeles, it stars LeBlanc as an actor named – ‘Matt LeBlanc!’

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LeBlanc also has his own production company and was the Executive Producer of the film Jonah Hex, released earlier this summer.

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