VIDEO: Glee’s Jane Lynch: Ellen DeGeneres Inspired Me To Come Out

Glee star Jane Lynch, appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Wednesday, tells the talk show host it was her courage to come out of the closet that served as inspiration for she to come out, as well.

The openly gay Emmy-winner described her lost and lonely nights prior to revealing her true self to the world.

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“I used to lay in bed and go, ‘How will I come out or will I come out?’” Lynch said.

Lynch — whose career has skyrocketed thanks to her role as cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester on Fox’s breakout hit, Glee — then lauded DeGeneres for coming out at the “height of [her] fame” in the late 90s.

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“That just blazed a trail for me. It really did,” Lynch told Ellen. “It made it so much easier for me what you did.”

Lynch said she’s had a slightly easier go of the process “because [she’s] a character actor… if Julia Roberts were gay, I think it would be harder. She’s an ingénue.”

DeGeneres then quipped, “So you’re saying Julia Roberts is gay?”

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Lynch jokingly responded, “That’s what I’m saying. Right here on this show… She won’t admit it. I’m here to tell you she’s gay. You’re welcome, Julia!”

Lynch this past May married her girlfriend, celebrated psychologist Dr. Lara Embry.

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