EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: After CNN, Larry King May Team Up With Ryan Seacrest!

In an exclusive interview with RadarOnline.com, Larry King reveals that one project he’s considering after his CNN show ends in December is a radio collaboration with Ryan Seacrest!

“We’ve been talking,” King revealed.

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But his top priority following the 25-year run of his CNN show is spending more time with his wife Shawn and their two kids, he told us at the Brent Shapiro Foundation fundraiser in Beverly Hills.

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King and Shawn came close to divorcing earlier this year but have since reconciled and seemed happier-than-ever at the event.

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“I get a lot more time with the family, get a chance to do a lot of things…that feeling of freedom,” King said.  “On the other hand I’m going to miss twenty-five and half years.”


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