Discovery Channel Gunman Shot And Killed By Police Snipers

The Discovery Channel gunman identified as 43-year-old James Jay Lee has been shot and killed by police snipers, has learned.

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A spokesperson for the Montgomery County Police Department confirms that Lee is now deceased.

As previously reported, Lee stormed the Discovery Channel Headquarters in Maryland armed with a gun and with explosives reportedly strapped to his body. Montgomery County Police Chief Tom Manger held a press conference shortly after confirming Lee’s death and detailing what happened inside the Discovery Channel headquarters building.

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According to Manger, Lee entered the building at approximately 1pm EST with two boxes and two backpacks, possibly containing explosives and was armed with a handgun. He immediately took three men hostage; one was a security guard.

After nearly four hours, police snipers shot Lee and the three hostages were safely removed from the building.

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Police continue to scour the building for possible explosive devices.


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