VIDEO: The Claws Come Out On The Real Housewives Of DC Premiere

Bravo’s latest reality show The Real Housewives of DC didn’t hesitate pulling some catty punches on its season premiere. recaps one of the episode’s most dramatic moments: the weight drama between castmates Michaele Salahi and Lynda.

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“I love Michaele, I really do,” Lynda tells a stylist. (Earlier in the episode, she declines to attend Michaele’s polo match invitation, calling it to a “little goat rodeo.”)

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After the stylist says he is actually seeing Michaele  to try out some new looks, Lynda quickly sniffs: “well there’s nothing that is going to fit her.”

As the wide-eyed stylist looks warily on, Lynda continues her criticism which she tries to mask as friendly concern. “She has never been this skinny. I can count her bones,” she adds. Funny words from someone who owns a modeling agency!

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“When you’re fitting her with clothes, it’s a perfect opportunity to say something like, ‘this would look so much better if you put a little meat on your bones.’”

As expected, Michaele did not take the criticism lying down. “I’m healthy, I’m happy, I’ve always been thin,” she responded when asked by the stylist if she ate.

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Later on, she took direct aim at Lynda saying, “She’s obsessed to talk about me, just leave me alone!”

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