VIDEO: The Bachelor’s Vienna Girardi Keeps Jake Gay Rumors Afloat

The Bachelor’s Vienna Girardi fielded questions from her fans via Twitter on Lopez Tonight Thursday, and everything from ex Jake Pavelka to the Prop. 8 ban to flight attendants were on the slate for discussion.

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A viewer asked Girardi, “Now that the gay marriage ban has been overturned in California, do you think Jake will become a contestant on the next Bachelor?”

Girardi burst into laughter, saying, “First of all, that is really funny — pass,” while rolling her eyes.

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Lopez followed up, asking her if Jake is “more pilot or flight attendant,” to more cackles from the reality star.

Girardi, complaining about Pavelka’s lack of passion toward her, said she “just wanted him to love me.

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“I just wanted someone to kiss me and hold me and be intimate and care about me,” she said.

Rumors about Pavelka’s sexuality have swirled since Girardi implied there may have been other reasons the Dallas pilot lacked intimacy in his romance with her.

Last week, Pavelka responded to the rumors on The View, saying “there was a lack of intimacy [with Girardi] because our problems were so heavy — I can’t separate love and intimacy. And apparently, that makes me gay.”

When asked point blank if he’s homosexual, Pavelka said: “No. One of my best friends is gay; I can’t see how someone can look at [Girardi] and find her not attractive.”

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Girardi, a Florida native, said she came out to California to find a man, and teased that she may have found a new one. She said she’s stayed in the Golden State because she got a position working for Biolustre, a hair care company, as the director of social philanthropy.

Lopez Tonight airs on TBS weeknights at 11/10c; the show will move to midnight when new TBS hire Conan O’Brien takes over the 11 p.m. slot this November.

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