Rock On! The Most Outrageous Stage Outifts

From sky high platforms to feathered headdresses, a stadium concert date is an excuse to dress even wackier than on Halloween for these singing stars.

Pint-sized Fergie uses the big stage as an excuse to add a few inches to her height in 70s style platform boots – not to mention the silver space age jumpsuit and mile-wide shoulder pads. The Black Eyed Peas singer’s shiny one-piece reminds us of Elton John strutting the around the stage in his prime, all she needs is a piano and a pair of huge sunglasses!

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Whether on the red carpet or walking down the street, Rihanna always turns heads with her unique style choices but the R&B diva really steps it up a notch she performs. During a raunchy show at Madison Square Garden on August 12, her black latex leggings and leotard were so tight they look they had been painted.

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Even Justin Bieber is getting in on the act, turning tween fans into screaming messes with top-to-toe white outfits and purple ski boots as he screams at the crowd.

Check out the pop world’s weirdest wardrobe choices in our style gallery!

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