POLICE REPORT: Charlie Sheen’s Wife Thrown Around ‘Like A Rag Doll’ After Accusing Star Of Sleeping With Hookers

Newly released police reports reveal that Charlie Sheen threw Brooke Mueller around ‘like a rag doll’ after she complained about him using prostitutes, RadarOnline.com has learned.

POLICE REPORT: Read Charlie Sheen Arrest Report

Last week, the Two and a Half Men star escaped jail time after he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor domestic violence assault and was sentenced to 30 days at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Malibu, California, 36 hours of counseling and three months of probation.

Prosecutors dismissed felony menacing and criminal mischief charges that had been filed against him.

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But these shocking new allegations show that the Aspen’s District Attorney’s office potentially had a much stronger case to put the Hollywood actor behind bars.

The new papers provide a clearer picture of what happened on Christmas Day after Mueller called 911 claiming that Sheen had held a knife to her throat.

DOCUMENT: Police Affidavit From Sheen’s Arrest

When police arrived, Mueller told three different Aspen police officers that two or three months earlier her husband grew enraged in California when she apparently confronted Sheen over his alleged patronage of prostitutes and threw her around “like a rag doll”.

She told the officers, in three separate interviews, that Sheen, shoved her head into a piece of furniture that resulted in a closed-head injury, which required a CAT scan and treatment by multiple physicians, the police reports allege.

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“I asked [Sheen] if he ever harmed Mueller in the past,” Officer Rick Magnuson wrote.

This is what the officer documented in the report:

“[Sheen] stated that approximately two months ago, in California, Mueller accused him of sleeping with prostitutes. [Sheen] stated that he denied this allegation, which escalated into a ‘huge fight.’

He added that when Mueller attempted to leave the argument, he grabbed her by the wrist, causing her to fall to the ground. [Sheen] added that Mueller hit the back of her head on a piece of furniture as she fell to the ground.

[Sheen] stated that Mueller was injured when her head contacted the furniture. [Sheen] added that neither he nor Mueller reported this incident to law enforcement.

[Sheen] added that Mueller received medical treatment for her head injury. [Sheen] added that the Mueller’s injury was not intentional, adding that she accidentally hit her head as he was trying to restrain her.”

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Magnuson wrote he also asked Mueller about the quarrel in California.

“I told Mueller that I confronted [Sheen] about the incident; adding that [Sheen] claimed that Mueller’s injury was inadvertent,” Magnuson’s report continued.

“This upset Mueller; she was very adamant that [Sheen] intentionally hurt her by throwing her to the ground, like a ‘rag doll.’”

Two other Aspen police officers — Casey Ward, who along with Magnuson was the first to respond to the 911 call, and Valerie McFarlane, who no longer works at the department — gave similar accounts.

They were called because Mueller dialed 911 in Aspen, told dispatchers that Sheen was abusing her, wielding a knife and threatening to kill her.

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In three independent and separate interviews, she told police that Sheen had strangled her with one hand and put a knife to her neck with the other, the reports show.

Police said they observed red marks on her throat and arms consistent with her story. Photographs of them were taken as evidence. Fading bruise marks from the alleged California incident were also visible on her arm, police wrote.

Officers phoned EMT Katherine Shea Weir who came and examined the injuries visible on Mueller.

Mueller’s parents, Moira and John Fiore, also arrived at the house and, days later under questioning with a fourth Aspen police officer, Ian MacAyeal, confirmed they too saw red marks on Mueller.

Mueller claimed that Sheen held his knife’s four-inch blade to her neck for 20 minutes, although one of the couple’s two sobriety coaches at the house suggested it could have lasted even longer than that.

The coach, Kathleen Marie Conway, told police she “heard yelling upstairs and went to the upstairs bedroom. She observed [Sheen] in the doorway and Mueller in the bed. Mueller saw Conway at the door and screamed, ‘He held a knife to my throat for an hour. I want a divorce.’ …

[Sheen] yelled back, ‘You’re not gonna f***** do that. I’m texting my attorney right now and I’ll file first.’ Conway said she believed both parties had been drinking the previous evening,” according to officer McFarlane’s report.

Just before 9:30 a.m., Mueller’s blood-alcohol level was 1.32 and Sheen’s was .049, the reports show.

The argument that led to the 911 call began around 3:30 a.m., Sheen allegedly told Magnuson.

Yet, according to another sobriety coach, they had another row at around 10 p.m. the night before, which was Christmas Eve.

The coach, Sammy Kent, who had met Sheen just four days before police showed up in Aspen, said Mueller had “stolen” one of Sheen’s Gabapentin pills, which are prescribed for seizures but reportedly also used to curb the taker’s appetite for alcohol.

Kent said [Sheen] used a ‘loud tone of voice’ toward Mueller and was obviously angry with her. Kent said Mueller was apologetic and did not argue with [Sheen],” detective MacAyeal wrote.

Kent told the detective he went to bed around midnight.

“When he awoke at 8:15 AM, Kent heard yelling coming from the upstairs. He went upstairs and found Mueller and [Sheen] arguing. Conway was also present,” MacAyeal wrote.

”During the argument, Kent heard Muller accuse [Sheen] of using a knife against her. Kent said Mueller was ‘hysterical and highly animated.’ Kent said [Sheen] denied using a knife when she accused him of doing so. Kent said [Sheen] was angry but much calmer than Mueller.

“Kent said he he didn’t know who was telling the truth.”

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