PHOTOS: Ke$ha Reveals Her Wildest Look Ever!

When most stars cover their faces they want to distract attention away from themselves, but Ke$ha made sure all eyes were firmly on her when she left her hotel wearing a tiger mask on Tuesday.

PHOTOS: Ke$ha Wears A Tiger Mask

From a native Indian headdress to ripped, patterned fishnets with hot pants, Ke$ha has worn some increasingly outrageous outfits recently but this is her wildest yet!

She nonchalantly strolled out past confused eye witnesses on a busy New York street with her huge bodyguard wearing a cheap plastic orange tiger mask, with her leggings, leather jacket and boots as if it were normal fashion accessory.

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The crazy singer appears to be in a battle of bad fashion with pop rival Lady Gaga as the pair pull out one bizarre ensemble after another.

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The TiK ToK singer has described her scruffy style as “garbage chic” but we think this crazy look should be left in the jungle.

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