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EXCLUSIVE: Snooki’s Scorned Former Boyfriend: “My Ex Is A Wh*re!”

A “humiliated” Emilio Masella, Snooki‘s ex-boyfriend, has labeled his one-time lover a “whore” after she was caught on camera groping and propositioning co-star Vinny for sex.

Emilio exclusively told RadarOnline.com: “How could she do this to me? I feel like a fool trusting her… My ex is a whore!”

In the episode, which aired Thursday, a drunk Snooki called Emilio at 6 in the morning as she simultaneously groped Vinny Guadagnino.

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The pocket-sized reality star then followed Vinny back to his room and asked, “Wanna f**k ?” to which he replied, “Sure.”

The pair woke up in the morning and claimed to have no idea what had happened the night before.

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“Did I bang Snookie last night?” asked Vinny. “Did I do the unthinkable?”

Not soon after he watched the episode, in front of hundreds of people at a Connecticut nightclub, Emilio told RadarOnline.com he confronted Vinny.

“I called Vinny at the Seaside Heights house and asked him if he f***ed my girl,” the “gorilla juicehead” told us.

“He hung up on me, so I called back and asked him again but he is such a sissy, he passed me to Jenni (J-WOWW).

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“He did that because his mommy wasn’t there!

“Jenni told me she was going to call the police if I called there again and I told her she was a wh*re too because she cheating on Tom (Lippolis).”

Snooki and Emilio split in between seasons one and two amidst her suspicions he was using her to get his own television show.

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But as RadarOnline.com revealed, Emilio decided to attempt to win back Snooki’s heart and returned to the Seaside Heights boardwalk in a pink shirt and bandana, giving free hugs to everyone in the hope his ex would see him and notice.

Snooki didn’t even see him and left a nearby club with another man.

Now Emilio has been left stung by the Vinny sex revelation.

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“I am doing an appearance at a club tonight (Thursday) and there are about 400 people here watching Snooki humiliate me on a huge screen.

“People are apologizing to me and offering to buy me shots.

He added, “But I can’t believe it… I never cheated on her and never would… It was Snooki who always accused me of cheating.”

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