EXCLUSIVE: Snooki’s Man Says Ex-Girlfriend Is ‘Jealous,’ Shoots Down Claims Of Abuse

Snooki’s new boyfriend Jeff Miranda is lashing out at his ex-girlfriend after RadarOnline.com exclusively reported that she filed a temporary restraining order against him.

In April 2009, Rebecca Hansen was granted a temporary order of protection against Miranda after she says he beat and threatened her life on several occasions. It was eventually dismissed.


But among the things listed in the order are claims that Miranda choked, punched and held a shotgun to Hansen’s head. She also claims he called her a wh**e, c**t, b**** and sl*t and told her he had a hole ready for her if she ever cheated on him.

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In an exclusive interview with RadarOnline.com, Miranda said, “This is sick, retarded and a huge false accusation. Rebecca was an ex-girlfriend who was infatuated with me. That wh**e cheated on me and is a straight up b****.”

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Miranda went on to say, “She’s so jealous and she’s f***ing nuts. Everything in the whole case was dismissed because there was no evidence. Seriously, that girl is a jealous b**** and she wants me. Anyone can file a restraining order and a judge will give it to her. They’re all false accusations.”


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